Upcoming Releases

I’ll just go right into it; too much to do! These records/tapes will starting rolling off the hand-made lines any time, and hopefully in this order (but already not):

Going to Extremes Volume 1 compilation CD+3-inch/CS96

Featuring: Tonstartssbandht, Locrian, Smegma, KK Rampage, Andy Ortmann, Darlings, Book Of Shadows, Dinowalrus, Josh Lay, Beauty Apes, Vapid Apparition, Permanent Midnight, Insect Joy, Duo Bomber, NTELOS, Manual Zombie, Sailboats Are White, Mafia Crystals, hGG II, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Timur Bimp-Jones, Cookeddd Booksss, Gorgonized Dorks, Babe Terror

Timur Bimp Jones – “Spraypaint Song” b/w “Fourteen Words” 7-inch LP
200 copies
[[[post-clash-ing, skaggae-ish, but it all amounts to Frisco-punk madness with mad whistlin’ skills and even a few droll spraypaint-related comments. If you were around back when kids skateboarded and the worst thing they did in a night was tag the side of a building, you’ll relate to this song; if you weren’t, well, it’s time to start bonin’ up on your Life. Flip “Fourteen Words” is as authentic and catchy as the spraypaint bug, but with more of a Coldwave carve-out style.]]]

Tonstartssbandht – “April Showers” (extended) b/w “Udvidet Chrys”
200 copies
[[[A proven commodity on the a-side, flushed out even more by a new ending that reminds me, mostly, just to Smile until the sky is too high to fly to … The flip, “Udvidet Chrys,” takes a different tact and turns it up a notch sonically in the process. This isn’t the Tonstartssbandht as we usually know them; this is gunk, murk and a mean-ass alpha-beat. I can say, for sure, that this is the one band left that will surprise you while also surprising you (and you were already surprised!). So therrrre.]]]

LocrianRain of Ashes LP (color-marbled vinyl)
500 copies
[[[This album is the reason I initially looked into releasing full-length records. I just can’t imagine; nay, don’t want to LIVE in, a world where this album doesn’t exist on fat, wondrously pure vinyl. And when the vinyl is nice and marbled-up like a rich dude’s floor? It’s all the better. This drone-droner made its way into my life as a chiller and has emerged at the other end a KILLer diller. This is exactly what I want from this brand of music; anything I were to say beyond that would only besmirch us all. You will want a copy of this when it drops, oh yes.]]]

Manual ZombieFresh Milk CS / Life CS
100 copies
[[[I’ve been wanting to work with these guys since before I was born, so it was nice when they floated in on a genie rug and made my womb-long dream come true. That they’ve sharpened their bloodstained daggers and revisited the evil depths of weirdo HELL shouldn’t concern you; that they sound so calm while delivering an assault … SHOUld. You might want to buy one of these tapes and, just maybe, figure this shit-life out once and for all.]]]

Tonstartssbandht – “An When” CS – Choose Yr Own Adventure Tapes
55 copies [OUT NOW]
[[[My favorite young band often goad me into doing terrible embarrassing things. Funny thing is, they’re never actually around when I do them. Maybe I just need help, but if you need a copy of An When, you can look here or look nowhere; all other runs sold out long ago and the last batch of CD-rs tanked due to … well, a shitty disc-burner. I only wish I had more room to describe this echo-chestnut to you; pure genius, wizard-sleeve-flapping-in-the-wind madness, scored by a few musicians who can fit into just about every box imaginable, even one with only a tambourine and a tiger inside. Good luck with that one! Essential and soon to be SOLD OUT.]]]

Mafia Crystals – TBA 3-inch CD / CS – Uneasy Truce Records / Choose Yr Own Adventure Tapes


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa Panepinto
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 17:13:24

    Gumshoe! I want to buy/support but don’t know where to begin! I don’t have a cassette player, only CD & vinyl. Can you recommend your most special CD / vinyl gumshoe release you think I’d dig? Thanks, I have $ to paypal


    • gumshoegrove
      Nov 13, 2010 @ 04:16:01

      heyyy! ok, you can paypal grant_kzuu@hotmail.com $10.88 total for the CD + 3-inch version of the “Going to Extremes” compilation and i’ll ship it out to ya!. it’s weird as all get-out, so be forewarned! hell, if nothing else get it for the artwork and bury it … then, in 2020, dig it up and it’ll be worth … $15.88


  2. Lisa Panepinto
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 20:15:27



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