“Going to Extremes” compilation cassette artwork

I figured now might as well be the time to unveil these babies. These things are the audio equivalent of Slow Food: Hand-painted tape labels, hand-painted sleeves (which make up a single, large-scale painting) and a super-loooong running time of 92 minutes. Order one for $7.55 postage-paid in the U.S. …

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Tonstartssbandht – “An When” cassette READY TO ORDER!!!

Here are the first 15 copies; notice the hand-painted labels; yep, all 55 copies are unique.

“An When” isn’t actually the first release in the Uneasy Truce/Choose Yr Own Adventure catalog, but they got lucky, as I just happened to finish their release first. Run of 55 copies with hand-painted tape labels, the first 15 of which you can see above …

It’s a Cs40, it’s $5.55 and contains the following tracklist:

1. Tonstartssbandht_
2. Black Country
3. Little April Showers
4. 5FT7
5. Welsh Souper
6. Midnight Cobras
7. Andy Summers
8. M’old Jæp
9. Walken with Jesus
10. ORO
11. Imenope
12. Softly Kidding