FIRST OFF, E-MAIL ME at grant_kzuu@hotmail.com if you want to buy a CD, tape or LP. So far I’m done with most of the Tonstartssbandht An When tapes (so yes, they’re available, only 55 copies!) and most of the Going to Extremes compilations on CD+3-inch/tape format are also ready.

Prices, again hastily, are:

  • $5.55 per tape for the Going to Extremes comp and the Tonstartssbandht tapes (plus $2 shipping for the first, free for all additional; both runs of 55) and …
  • $8.88 for the Going to Extremes CD-plus-3-inch-plus-11X17-poster package (plus $3.33 for shipping; 150 copies).

This is the hastily created site for Uneasy Truce Records and Choose Yr Own Adventure Tapes.

Both labels are labors of love (snorrrre) that emphasize the Album As Art philosophy coined by creator Gumshoe / G. Bailey / Grant Purdum, a music writer who has decided there’s too much Magic afoot in music to NOT start a record label.

The first release for both labels is the Going To Extremes compilation, featuring tracks from: Tonstartssbandht, Locrian, Smegma, KK Rampage, Andy Ortmann, Darlings, Book Of Shadows, Dinowalrus, Josh Lay, Beauty Apes, Vapid Apparition, Permanent Midnight, Insect Joy, Duo Bomber, NTELOS, Manual Zombie, Sailboats Are White, Mafia Crystals, hGG II, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Timur Bimp-Jones, Cookeddd Booksss, Gorgonized Dorks, Babe Terror


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