Tonstartssbandht write-up in “Still Single” by Doug Mosurock

Check it out HERE.

I’m glad Doug Mosurock dug this because it was one of my favorites of 2009 and putting it out on tape was an honor. Now will somebody order this thing? it’s only 5, 6 bucks people! I’ll work with you on this.

A few quotes from DM:

“… There’s a good bit of presence here that lingers after the cassette has run to an end, the sort of garage-rock sensibility that borders on wall-staring mania …”

It’s just nice to hear a band trying to break rank from convention, and with this as well as their last single in tow, the confusingly named Tonstartssbandht (say it “TONN-starts-band-it”) are well on their way to making a really striking album of their own.”

Sure, I’ll buy that! E-mail orders via this address:


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