Uneasy Truce Records is now operational!

This is a piece of my wife's art. She also paints for my record-label projects when needed. All said, she is a definite Uneasy Truce Records ally.

Hello everyone, I write this introduction just to give those interested a place to look at the projects we’ve got coming up. Our next update will constitute a full-art display of our first releases: the Going to Extremes compilations on Uneasy Truce Records and Choose Yr Own Adventure Tapes.

I’ll list the bands for you right now; that’s no problem. What I can’t do is promise a copy is available at this instant; I still have a few things left to tweek …

The bands on the Going to Extremes compilation are: Tonstartssbandht, Locrian, Smegma, KK Rampage, Andy Ortmann, Darlings, Book Of Shadows, Dinowalrus, Josh Lay, Beauty Apes, Vapid Apparition, Permanent Midnight, Insect Joy, Duo Bomber, NTELOS, Manual Zombie, Sailboats Are White, Mafia Crystals, hGG II, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Timur Bimp-Jones, Cookeddd Booksss, Gorgonized Dorks, Babe Terror.

For a list of upcoming releases check out our not-built-yet Upcoming Releases tab … once it gets built, right! Yeah, right, fer sure-gnarly, bro!


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